5 Web Design Hacks

5 Web Design Hacks

Designing the Text

When designing logos, try using two fonts (not 1 or not more than 2) e.g. a font for header and sub-header. Try to make the two text as contrasting as possible. This can involve: different fonts, different font size and different font colour.

When choosing the colour for the text, try to use ones which are the same or similar to the background image.


Using Transparent Images

Start experimenting by adding transparent shapes onto background images. This is where you can be extremely creative as there’s so many ways to experiment! Have a look at the image below for inspiration:

transparent logo


Abuse the use of Saturation

Think about how you want your design to feel and look. Does it need to look more alive and vibrant? Increase the saturation. Does it need to look more dull or worn-out? Decrease the saturation.

It really is that simple. Try it out for yourself on an image and see how powerful this is.


Using Narrow Columns

Limit your characters to around 58 each line
just like this. It will make your design look
more professional and easier to read.
The reason for this is, by the time our eyes
reach the end of a line, we have to travel all
the way back to the start of the line.


Contrasting 2 Colours

For beginners, it is recommended that you use two predominant colours in your design (for instance black and red). It’s okay to have another colour here and there in little bits, but unless you’re experience with designing things, try not to have 3 or 4 colours.


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10 Fishing Hacks

10 Fishing Hacks

Giant fish caught

  1. Know the fishy smell from handling sea creatures? It seems that no amount of soap, washing or scrubbing will get rid of the smell. Here’s the secret to getting rid of it:
    Firstly, clean your hands with soap and water obviously to remove the germs. Secondly, find something that is made of stainless steel: whether it be kitchen cutleries, the kitchen itself or a part of the building, just rub your hand along the steel and the smell will magically disappear. This is because a chemical reaction is happening when you rub your hand along the stainless steel.
  2. Cover the sheets of your ship with garbage bags to protect it from the sun or the rain.
  3. Wear black socks to prevent insects from biting your feet and ankles.
  4. If you walk or climb across slippery rocks if you glue felt to your shoes, but make sure it doesn’t come off.
  5. You can use a pinecone as a bobber.
  6. If you’re fishing in saltwater, make sure to use bright colored bait as it is much cloudier than freshwater. Neon colored ones are the best and will definitely get you the most attention. Also make sure to soak your equipment in freshwater after every fishing trip since salt water can corrode your equipment.
  7. If you see seagulls or dolphin in the area, head there right away since it’s probably a goldmine of fish.
  8. Hire yacht rental Dubai because the tour guide probably knows where the best fishing spots are.
  9. Reefs are the best place to catch larger fish since the smaller ones get eaten there.
  10. You can add a cork to the sharp points of your equipment e.g. your fishing hooks to prevent them poking you or other people. Corks are reusable too so no need to replace them too frequently.

Life Hacks To Help Your Jump Start Your Success Rate In Business

Life Hacks To Help Your Jump Start Your Success Rate In Business

Productivity is a very elusive thing. This is because one minute you may be feeling like you can’t be stopped and the next, you might find yourself fighting to do even the most basic of tasks. Good news is, at the moment there are several things which you can do which will help skyrocket your productivity. Below is an overview of some basic life hacks to help you get more done. They include:


1. Cut out the rest of the world for 2 hours:- everyday, make it a habit to step away from everything in the world for at least two uninterrupted hours. During this time make sure that your phone is off and also ignore any other person who may shift your attention from focusing. Take note, even the slightest interruption might kill your momentum so treat your alone time with the seriousness that it deserves.

2. Focus more on the worst things: – we all have something which we really dread more than any other thing. What’s more, the longer you continue to dread it the more you will be putting off every other thing. The best thing to do is to focus on that worst thing and get it done the right way as this will allow you to focus more on pleasant tasks.

3. Switch of your phone:- even after the two hours set aside for personal focus, try as much as possible and keep your phone off as long as possible because each time it buzzes it will interrupt your focus.

4. Adopt the 25-5 method: – for every 25 minutes that you engage in any activity make it a habit to take short breaks in between preferably breaks of 5 mins breaks to stretch and relax. This is very important because it will help make your brain more productive compared to when you choose to power through for several hours.

5. Always work towards improving yourself: try as much as possible not to waste anytime. The best thing to do is to find seething which gives you valuable skills and also fills time when you are not otherwise engaged in that activity.

businessman with financial symbols coming from hand

6. Make it a habit to eat light breakfast: breakfast is by far the most important meal of the day, this being the case, make it a habit to eat enough. Simply have a light and healthy breakfast since it will help you set up yourself for success the rest of the day.

In addition to the above, spending most of your free time learning, make it habit to always do one thing at a time and if possible try as much as possible to color code your to do list.

Life Hacks That Are Easy To Understand But Challenging To Accomplish

Life Hacks That Are Easy To Understand But Challenging To Accomplish

Life hacks simply refers to creative solutions to life’s problems or limitations. Such solutions are necessary mainly because, life can sometimes be very challenging prompting the need for creative solutions. Interesting thing is, some of the life hacks usually seem very easy yet very hard to achieve. This being the case, to help your cope with some of the common challenges of normal life, below are some of the easy/hard life hacks that stand to make a significant impact on your life. They include:Dealing-with-personal-problems-at-work

  1. In order to deal with difficult people you need to first change yourself: – this is by far the most important hack of all human relations. In most cases, we usually try to change people who bother or irritate us which should never be the case; the right thing to do is to change ourselves. Imagine how the world would be if we decided to change our selves instead of running around trying to change other people’s beliefs.
  2. Developing the right attitude: – having a positive attitude has several concrete benefits. Maintaining a negative attitude makes life incredibly stressful. Developing a positive attitude on the other hand will help make you least stressed out. Simply put, developing and maintaining a positive attitude will help you develop positive thinking which in turn will help you to start thinking more effectively than compared to when you are constantly negative thinking.
  3. Critical thinking: – thinking is by far the most challenging thing to do. It is why very few people have chosen to engage in it. In order to come up with creative solution to challenges facing you make it a habit to engage in critical thinking.
  4. Physical exercise: taking time to exercise is very important because you will be like making deposits into your health account which later on will allow you to make subsequent withdrawals and still be able to survive challenging times/situations.
  5. Investing in relationship building: – when you are young chances are you will most definitely be very naïve. More specifically must doing your job well does not cut it; on the other hand, doing your job poorly is a kiss of death. Hence, focus as much as you can on building good relationships with others for support during difficult times.recruitment-solutions
  6. Prepare yourself to take risks: one of the most important virtues for success in life is courage. Courage is so important to an extent that to take a risk you need a lot of courage. Plus if you are not taking risks then chances are you are rotting.

In addition to the above, learn to always forgive others, be gracious and most importantly get God on your side.    

Life Hacks Based On the Franklin Covey Planning System

Life Hacks Based On the Franklin Covey Planning System

Franklin Covey developed a time management system to help make it easier to remain objective at all time. As strange as it may sound, this system has since its inception remained relevant as it is being practiced and followed by very many people.  According to this planning system the first and most crucial step in life is to identify your primary goal. This is very important because it will dictate the rest of the steps you will be making in the days ahead of you. Take note, this primary objective in life can also be never be achieved in a single attempt. Instead, it can be accomplished in phases.


One of the most important things to make sure of is ensuring that the smaller phases are clearly defined as this is the only way through which you will be able to make positive strides towards achieving your life goals. Avoid pursuing the compass direction approach instead of applying the clock driven option as it is the case with most people.

It is equally worth noting that according to the clock driven concept by Franklin, it is imperative to always get things done on time. Picture this when you have a time factor consideration factored in in everything that you engage in you will most definitely have control over the quality of your output and most importantly punctuality (time management). As strange as it may sound, most people are usually obsessed with timing to an extent that they find themselves moving even before they are able to clearly establish the best direction to take in as far as achieving their goals is concerned.

It I in such case that doing the wrong thing is most probably inevitable. Good news is, in order to make sure that you do not find yourself running blindly in the wrong direction start off by establishing your primary goal. Do not worry about how long it would take since it stands to form the general direction of your life as a whole henceforth.

Keep in mind, people who are keen on career development always need to ensure that they know how to handle themselves since it will help make it easier for themselves o identify what exactly it is that they are good at. Plus, once you have identified your objective and talent in life, you can easily beak your entire journey into segments and work towards elevating your achievements guided by your goals.  With such clearly defined objectives expect to be able o remain in focus of your objectives and easy handling of any of the challenges which you may encounter along the way.


In addition to the above, it is equally worth noting that students can also take advantage of this plan in a bid to enhance their productivity. For instance, in case you are interested in mastering a particular subject, you can divide it into topics and then shift your focus on each. By doing so you will significantly enhance your attainment f the right grades especially if you are comfortable with the already laid out planning.

Life Hack, The Power Of A Piece Of Paper

Life Hack, The Power Of A Piece Of Paper

Personally, I have come to consider a piece of paper as the most powerful resource anyone can have. In fact, to me, it is by far one of the greatest sources for innovation and most importantly motivation. All this is clearly evident from the fact that when we take time and write down our thoughts on a piece of paper, those thoughts and our vision tend to come to life and seem more complete.


Why this happens I am still not sure, though I have a feeling it goes down to back when man had no paper or writing material of any kind. Simply put, the act of visualizing your thoughts and creating more clarity has since proven to create more meaning from mere thoughts which in turn makes dealing with challenging situations in life much manageable.

Looking back, the use of paper and writing in general have significantly helped humanity to advance to where they are presently. I am strongly convinced that when you settle down and write something down, you find   it much easier to make connections which you may not have been seeing before when the though may have just been in your head.

What I am trying to do is simply to encourage you to make it a habit to always write down your thoughts and free flowing ideas. In fact, you should never be more than a hand grab away from a piece of paper. In addition to the above, below are other innovative writing tips to help you make the best off writing your ideas and thoughts, they include:

  1. Writing down your thoughts right until you feel as if your brain has gone empty. Never critique any of your ideas especially while writing. Take note, there is absolutely no idea which is wrong on the brain storming stage. What’s more, many at times the craziest of ideas are sometimes the best, plus it is better to go out of this world and then bring it back home than having only mediocre ideas right from the start.
  1. Always have a healthy supply of pen and paper. There is nothing worse than running out of paper when you have lots o stuff to write down, your brain will immediately freeze and as a result, you will not be able to come up with more amazing ideas.

Woman writing with pen

Feel free to let your mind wonder while brain storming. Wherever you min chooses to go to follow it. Try as much as possible to get into the trails of your thoughts as there are countless creative ideas which you can easily uncover